John Nieland

John Nieland is the Chief Operating Officer of CSS. John grew up on a diversified grain/livestock farm in western Iowa. He has an agronomy degree from Iowa State University and several technical certifications.

His varied work experience with cooperatives, the agriculture chemical industry, warehousing, transportation and farming have given him a unique background and insight which help him relate to the membership and successfully guide CONTROL.

Board of Directors:

Troy Upah

Troy Upah is the CEO of AG Partners, located in Albert City, Iowa. Troy says, “CONTROL® provides a complete accounting package meeting our needs in all three of our core businesses: grain, agronomy, and feed. It is easy to create consistent and readable statements for our customers. CONTROL® provides excellent accounting processes that allow us to track customer grain sales, open offers, and deliveries to help customers make improved selling decisions. CONTROL® offers an efficient system that allows our staff to focus on customer needs.“

Rick Vaughan

Rick Vaughan is the CEO of Innovative Ag Services, based in Monticello, Iowa. Rick says, “CSS provides an excellent long term solution for retail ag businesses. It is owned by its user/members and its primary focus is on user solutions. This long term focus combined with an excellent employee team provides Innovative Ag Services with a superior product for our company and for our customers. Our business units are able to produce high quality information and access for our customers and also track and report valuable information to manage each of the business units. We look forward to the continued technology and functionality improvements CSS provides our company on a consistent and timely basis. We know this system will grow and evolve along with us.”

Dan Slinger

Dan Slinger has been the General Manager at Stratton Equity Coop since 2004, and has been with the company for twenty-eight years. Dan finds that CONTROL® provides the flexibility and competitive edge his company needs. He says, “The simple fact about CSS is that the customer service level is second to none. The cost position is extremely competitive in the market. The key for Stratton is that CONTROL® is so flexible – we can get features customized to our needs in a timely fashion – no one else in the industry has that same quality.”

John Sigler

John Sigler is the CFO of Kokomo Grain, based in Kokomo, Indiana. John says, “We converted to CONTROL® in 2008. We credit the support staff of CSS for making the transformation as painless as possible.” Kokomo Grain has 7 facilities in Indiana and 3 in Tennessee with their primary business in grain origination for local producers and grain drying and storage. Given their business needs, John says that CONTROL® saves time and prevents errors. “The big benefit that we really like is the month-end procedure and the direct tie-in with the DTN system (Board of Trade pricing). We have incurred a lot less data entry errors and the process takes a fraction of the time compared to our old system.”

Ken Smith

Ken Smith is the General manager of Five Star Cooperative.